How to Find your APN

What is my APN, And how do I find it?

Your APN, or Assessor’s Parcel Number, is the multi-section number that is used by your county assessor’s office or tax department to keep track of real estate. That number, along with its location, is kept on record at the county assessor’s office. That APN number gets used in a variety of locations, from the county’s parcel maps to the title or deed. Basically, it’s the ID for locating any piece of real estate. 

The APN is a multi-section number, which just means that it’s broken into three to four pieces with hyphens. 


Breaking down the APN: you can identify the book number in the first section, the page number in the second section, and the parcel number in the third section. If there is a multi-unit building on that parcel, there will usually be a fourth section indicating the unit number. 


If you are looking to locate your APN number you can usually find it in one of these common locations: 

On your Tax Bill

Because your tax bill indicates which parcel you are being taxed for, It will usually be indicated near your name and address at the top of the bill. Sometimes though, its located with the tear-off portion of the bill that you return with your payment. It’s often called the Assessors’s Parcel number or APN but sometimes it might just be called the parcel number. 

On your Deed or Title

Your Deed or Title will indicate which piece of real-estate you have purchased. It’s also listed in the appraisal and title reports. Again, it will usually be listed as assessor’s parcel number, APN, or simply as the parcel number. Check your Deed if you need to find your APN.

Online - County Assessor's Office

Many counties have started moving their records online for easier access. Using their search tools you should be able to locate your property records via address, owner, or property tax information. 

Not all counties are the same so if you can’t easily find the search tool, make sure to look up your county + a key phrase like: Parcel Search, Real Estate Property Search, Parcel Maps, or something similar. Using this search tool, you should be able to locate your parcel and get info about it.

If looking online is not getting you the info you need, you might also try visiting the county assessor’s office during regular business hours. 

Use a Real-Estate Professional

If none of the methods above have been helpful in finding your APN, it might be the right time to bring in a real estate professional. Real-Estate professionals have access to property databases, and do it all the time. Get in touch with the realtor who assisted you with your home or land purchase first, as they may still have documentation that contains your parcel number. 


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