How to Find Land Buyers

If you’ve ever tried to sell a piece of land yourself, you probably know that it can be a daunting process. Navigating the marketing, selling and legal issues can drive just about anyone crazy. However, by taking the right steps and getting the word out about your property, you can maximize your meetings with good and qualified buyers and, perhaps most importantly, you can maximize the asking price on your property. So, to help, we’re going to list some tips on how to find land buyers quickly with as little hassle as possible! 

Understand Your Audience 

To get appropriate and responsive buyers, you need to get in touch with the right audience. To know your audience, you need to have all knowledge about your land. For instance, you should understand the area, the market value, and most importantly, the people who are more likely to be interested in the neighborhood of your land. The location and its surrounding are an important aspect of your property, and the development of the area and its premises will attract buyers accordingly. To learn more about your targeted audience, jot down those golden aspects related to the demography of your land and its attractions. For example, if your land is on a commercial street and the size is not too big, it can attract small retail stores or restaurants. So, when you are going to start finding an ideal buyer, you must keep in mind that people who live around or are directly related to these stores and restaurants might be better interested in your property than others. 

Market Your Land According to the Targeted Audience 

Once you’ve figured out who you’re targeting, then the next step is to attract those people. To do so, you need to pick up the most relatable approach. There are specific platforms to buy vacant lands like,,, etc. You can also list it on your local MLS. The strategy you choose hinges greatly on your target audience. Once you know your target audience, find other property listings that are targeting the same audience as you. Optimize your listing to have similar characteristics as those of other properties. 

Be Aware of Fraud 

Don’t ignore the red flags or signs that are too good to be true. Fraud in real estate is very common, especially when you’re not working with a realtor. The most common fraud is fake loan origination. This happens when a buyer doesn’t have that kind of money to buy land, so they will show you a fake origination of loan for the mortgage and eventually trap you legally. Before making a deal with anyone, do a proper background check and consult a certified realtor to make sure the originality of all the paperwork from the buyer’s side. Proceed once you’re satisfied with everything the buyer shows you. 

Start Networking 

An underappreciated approach used for selling anything is networking. This can be done by approaching people in your circles like neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family. Prepare a good natural pitch, talk to them with real facts. This approach can yield a lot more potential buyers than you may initially think. Meeting people 1:1 and, even better, through referrals can result in making a genuine business connection with someone and striking a potential deal. 

Decide on Land Price 

When selling land, the most significant step after finding the right audience is to determine your asking price. Deciding on this number correctly can greatly affect your profit and how long your land sits on the market, so deciding on an opening price is a significant decision because it will affect the market’s perception of your property’s appeal. Having said that, don’t stress the opening market price too much. You can adjust it as you get feedback from the market. However, do remember that real estate is typically listed a bit high in order to leave room for the buyer to haggle a bit while you’re still happy with your profit. 

Put Down the Deal in Black and White 

To keep things transparent legally, it’s wise to put the deal down in black and white. In order to avoid frivolous legal problems in the negotiation process, it is wise to keep a paper trail of the offers and communication with potential buyers. Normally, this information is recorded through a realtor, but if you’re acting as your own realtor, it’s up to you to keep tabs on the paper trail of correspondences and any sorts of preliminary offers. 

Remember! Patience Never Goes Unrewarded 

Finally, if you’ve done everything you can to make sure your property performs well on the market, the only other thing you can do is be patient! The process is not quick but going to pay you back in dividends for keeping a cool head and following the right advice.

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